Weekly Reports

Weekly report 9

This is pretty much becoming bi-weekly report but hopefully I’ll be back on track next week.

What have I been doing this week

Mostly working on the PC port.  Not really much to show for it as a lot of it is testing and planning.

What have I been buying this week

Went shopping for rubbish useful items for the first time since Christmas, and I came back with an empty wallet and…

Shadows of the damned, Sacred 2, Bulletstorm, Vanquish, Battle Fantasia, and Prince of Persia the Forgotten Sands.  Good selection of games for the 360 to keep me busy.

Aliens Colonial Marines Technical Manual: Really interesting book.  I like reading fluff like this for inspiration.

Mastering the Art of Manga: Another book.  I’m trying to improve my art skills and as an anime fan this looked good.

Dead or Alive Ultimate: Collectors Edition. I have over 110 original Xbox games and when I see something in a big box like this I have to buy it for my collection.

What have I been playing this week?

Renegade Ops: Finished it this week. Cruelly it gives no achievements for playing the game in co-op mode. : (

Deep Fear: Survival horror on the Sega Saturn.  If you think Resident Evil had bad voice acting you haven’t seen anything yet.

Princes Maker 2: Again on the Saturn. Playing a Japanese game with no idea what is going on is fairly fun with a friend.

Shadows of the Damned: I LOVE IT! I should be finished tomorrow so I’ll share my thoughts next week.

What have I been watching this week?

Alcatraz: It’s not perfect but I’m enjoying it.

Breaking Bad: I’m re-watching it, and it’s just as good the second time as it is was the first.


Weekly Report 8

It’s been a few weeks since the last weekly report so I felt I it was time to do another one.

What have I been doing this week

Releasing the DLC.

Now things are much less stressed I can work on the PC port in peace, and maybe do the odd update to add new content to the game now and again.

What have I been playing this week?

Read Dead Redemption:  Got this at Christmas and just finished it yesterday.  I enjoyed the main quest, but found the world a little boring when I was trying to be a good guy.  I felt like the plot for missions would often end with no real resolution.  Also there was about 5 minutes after the game had finished where I was left waiting for a new mission to appear. Maybe it’s just me but I expected a final chapter that would be about revenge. -Edit [There was a another quest for me to do to finish the game but it was optional and I could have easily missed it]

Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare: I’m liking this a lot. I’m only two hours in, but I’m having a lot fun. It feels a little like a fan mod but it basically is a mod.  Hopefully I don’t get bored before I finish it.

Renegade Ops: I picked this up for 600msp in the Christmas sale.  Reneged Ops is the spiritual successor to Strike games (Soviet Strike, Desert Strike etc) There is no other way of putting it. I’m really liking it my only disappointment is that the levels get less open as you go on.

What have I been watching this week?

Nothing much to be honest. New episodes of Fringe and Supernatural and thats it for this week.

Chrismas report #007

Dun dedun dun dun dun Dun dedun dun dun dun dun Den-nyeeeeh nyeh nyeh nyeh (You know, because I have 007 in the title. oh, forget it)


Weekly report #006

Just a quick update this week so I can get back to work.

What have I been doing this week

Adding new weapons and playtesting with a friend.

I can officially say my new favorite way to kill zombies is to to use freeze grenades, then shock grenades.

What have I been playing this week?

A little Super Meat Boy, but that’s it.

What have I been watching this week?

More Mad Men: It’s still the 60’s!

More Six Feet Under:They bury dead people!

Dexter season 6 finale: The most interesting stuff was left unresolved!

Weekly Report # 005

What have I been doing this week

Everything is very playable so I’ve been doing lots of playtesting.


Weekly Report # 004

Never again will I be worried that an upside down woman is goign to stick her hand down my thought.

What have I been doing this week?

Looking back it feels like not too much was done this week,  but I have done a lot to the back end of dead pixels to hopefully make the new modes feel better.  Hopefully I’m going to do some apphub playtesting in the next 24 hours.


Weekly Report # 002

I’m running a little late, but I’m not goign to give up doing these weekly reports!

What have I been doing this week?

Mostly playtesting and bug fixing.  Things are moving along much faster now and I don’t think it will be long until I get Dead Pixel’s update out.