Weekly Report # 001

I’ve been wanting to do a weekly blogpost for a while, but I’m not particularly good to writing, so I have been putting this off as much as possible.

I feel doing something like this is important to those waiting for DLC because it lets you see that I am still working, and it’s also important to me, because it lets me see that I have accomplished something each week.

What have I been doing this week?

There has been a lot of bug fixing this week.  I would like to be able to do some playtesting, and without getting rid of all the bugs I know about it would be a waste of time.

Speaking of wastes of time, I used up the whole of Friday fixing 1 bug.  It was an important bug, and it needed to be fixed but I really wish it hadn’t taken me as long.

Most of my time this week has been put into working on cut-scenes and my cut-scene system.  The system I had in place in the original game was fine for the 2 cut scenes in the game, but as I was adding more it became a mess.  I felt it was better to remove the whole thing and start fresh.  The new system is so much nicer and gives me much more control.

I’ve been working on the sprites of the people that donated during my extra life gaming marathon and I should be emailing everyone within the next couple of days.

What have I been playing this week?

I officially have stopped playing borderlands. I got half way through one of the DLC packs on my 2nd play through and felt like I just want enjoying it as much as I had been.

I’ve been playing the brilliant flawed gem that is Deadly Premonition.  Some will hate it some will love it.  I definitely love it.

Last night I put about half and hour into The binding of Issac.  I’m rubbish at it but I want to put more time in.

What have I been watching this week?

Six Feet Under: It’s strange seeing Dexter not killing people.

6 days to air: Very awesome documentary about the making of a South Park episode.

Walking Dead: Bloated zombie in your water supply means use a different well.  Even if you fish it out, I wouldn’t drink that water.


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